Jeremy Wood is a New York based designer.


His work has been featured in publications including Vogue and Women's Wear Daily


He is a recent graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a BFA in Fashion Design


Past projects have included a fellowship on the TEK-tiles project at the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator. He worked with a team of designers, engineers, and academics to develop and engineer smart textiles and wearable tech using Shima Seiki technology. This project is supported by a federal grant from the US Department of Commerce.



In my work I strive for a democratic use of materials to unify artist and viewer. My work is compositionally driven, with adherence to fundamental color theory, balance, and proportion.


 By collaging found material, I discover and create a new dynamism with material. I am interested in the craft of garment construction through an expressionist approach and employing collage as a prominent element. Expression of the process of garment making and textile production illuminates new boundaries of common material.


 I find inspiration in contemporary casual dress.  I  construct visual  vibrations  through thoughtful consideration  of elementary  color  theory gleaned from  historic art theory and implemented with craft techniques.